Information for patients

In this section you can find links to general hospital information for patients involved in sepsis-based research projects, as well as a short list of public resources for further information about sepsis.

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About sepsis

Sepsis is a life-threatening syndrome that arises when patient response to an infection causes damage to the body’s own organs. If you have specific questions, or think you may have sepsis, please consult your doctor.

If you are looking for more information about sepsis in general, here is a list of resources.

Useful links

  • Sepsis-en-daarna: a website to guide patients and the family of patients who have or have had sepsis.
  • Sepsisnet: a foundation that aims to increase sepsis awareness.
  • Worldsepsisday: a website with plenty of information to better understand sepsis for anyone who is interested.


Patients and research

Are you a patient at Amsterdam UMC and are you undergoing treatment for sepsis, or are you involved in one of the Sepsis Amsterdam research projects?

If you have questions about your case or the specific project you are involved in, please refer to your doctor.

If you want to know more about specific research projects by our group you can find out more here.


Facts and figures

Source: World Sepsis Day 2020,