About Sepsis Amsterdam

Sepsis Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary unit associated with the Center for Expertimental and Molecular Medicine (CEMM) at Amsterdam UMC and embedded within the Infection & Immunity research institute. Our mission is to perform high quality fundamental and clinical research to reduce the burden of sepsis. In particular, we aim to develop a better understanding of sepsis pathophysiology and to optimise the work flow in terms of recognition and treatment.

Research into sepsis, our approach

Sepsis is a highly heterogeneous syndrome of which the pathophysiology is still not fully understood. Currently there are multiple definitions and screening tools, as well as various treatment protocols – presenting both diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas.

Our focus is on elucidating the pathological mechanisms involved in the development of sepsis. This involves fundamental, lab-based research.

We are also working on developing evidence based protocols so that we have a more streamlined approach to the treatment of sepsis.

In short, we aim to:

  • Elucidate the sepsis pathophysiology.
  • Establish a base line for new treatments.
  • Enable earlier diagnosis.
  • Develop new treatment protocols.

For current research check out our projects, our publications and the Sepsis Team updates.


A multi-disciplinary approach

Our team is made up of around 40 doctors, bio-medical specialists, post-docs, PhD students, research nurses, lab technicians and other support staff. Find out more on the team page.