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Sepsis Amsterdam is a research unit affiliated to Amsterdam UMC and the Center for Experimental and Molecular Medicine (CEMM).


The treatment of patients with sepsis is a multidisciplinary task and usually involves emegency care doctors, internal medicine specialists and nurses. Often, a variety of other specialists such as pulmonologists and intensivists are also involved.

Since the treatment of sepsis requires a multidisciplinary approach, there are many different protocols for  treatment. The most well-known protocols are developed by an international initiative called the Surviving Sepsis Campaign. Their protocols can be found here. Recently, the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists (FMS) published their own recommendations for sepsis recognition and treatment which can be found here.


The Sepsis Team

In 2019, Amsterdam UMC agreed with a request by the Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine sections of the Internal Medicine department,  to optimise the clinical care for sepsis patients in Amsterdam UMC. The goal of this project is to implement a Sepsis Team within the emergency department, in order to streamline sepsis recognition and treatment, and improve patient outcomes. The best available evidence will be incorporated in guidelines specifically for the Amsterdam setting.

On this page, we will keep you updated on the progress of the Sepsis Team implementation. We will also provide links to the latest and best evidence on sepsis recognition and treatment, to provide insights into what evidence formed our own guidelines.